Family Heirloom Baby Memory Book
(with Custom Keepsake Box and Pouch)

A reimagined classic with contemporary flair

Enjoy and cherish for generations!

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"The best part about this now that my children are older, we love to sit and look through their baby books together.  Laughing at the stories and pointing out details in the illustrations, I love seeing the smiles on their faces – there's so much joy in remembering. Im so grateful that these memories are not lost or forgotten!"

- Deborah V. Thompson (mother of two, bookbinder and mompreneur)

Here are some features of this Baby Memory Book...

A beautifully re-imagined classic. A true family heirloom.

  • BEAUTIFUL & MODERN: A beautifully re-imagined and modern baby memory book. A refreshing twist and must have for parents. Craft your own true family heirloom. See pages...

  • KEEP SAKE BOX & POUCH: Your baby only grows up once. Store your toddler's precious items in the custom keepsake box or pouch. Keeping their milestones safe and in pristine condition for a lifetime.

  • MADE IN THE USA: Designed by a bookbinding mom-preneur who couldn't find the "perfect" book for her own daughters. She crafted a premium, minimal, and easy to use gift for parents.  Mohawk Superfine writing paper & bound beautiful endive colored cloth.  Book is  8" x 8."

  • GREAT FOR BOYS OR GIRLS: For boys or girls, first four years. A gender-neutral theme, filled with timeless illustrations and soft colors. Inspired by the simplicity and effortless nature of a toddler's curiosity.

  • INSPIRING ILLUSTRATIONS: 56 custom designed pages with full-color illustrations, hand/foot print spaces, and easy journal pages.

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G. Goldberg
Charming—beautiful quality and adorable illustrations

This is a very different kind of baby book—much more beautifully designed and presented than anything I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to get a sense of it through photos alone, but once you have it in your hands you’ll see it’s extraordinary. Even the paper is lovely. It’s really a keepsake that’ll be in the family for generations. The perfect gift for a family you love.

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The baby book that will have you wanting to make a baby book.

Like most new parents I know, you’re probably wanting to keep a baby book to capture all those firsts: first smile, baby steps, first blurbs (trust me, they’re blurbs not words).

But if you’re as harried a first-time mother as I am, you may soon discover that the overwhelming volume of keepsake baby book options not only makes it impossible to choose one that’s just perfect for you, but also makes the whole making a baby book thing feel like one more chore. But we’re pretty sure we’ve found the one baby book that will have you wanting to make a baby book.

The EchoArt Bindery Baby Book is a true classic with a modern flair, created by a mompreneuer bookbinding expert who happened to be in the market for a baby memory book for her daughters and, well, made one. Read blog...


Curious about the Behind-the-Scenes Story?

This book is inspired by the simplicity and effortless nature of a toddler's curiosity!

"I looked endlessly for the perfect baby book!  I wanted something that didn't feel overwhelming to fill out - yet had enough space to capture the precious and rewarding moments of being a parent.  

Finding nothing on the market that seemed simple - yet compelling enough to keep for generations - I crafted my "perfect baby book."  Wanting to share this with others, I took my ideas (combined with my love for marbling designs and bookbinding) and produced this family -heirloom-style book right here in New England. "

- Deborah V. Thompson (mother of two, bookbinder and mompreneur)

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B. Maltais
Since I couldn't find a baby book I liked, I've been writing about my son's memorable moments on my phone! Finally, I found this book and it's perfect! A beautifully illustrated, thoughtfully laid out, keepsake with space to record hand-prints, footprints, and artwork directly on the pages. I especially love the open ended questions sections! It will be such a fun way to remember how my son spoke and thought about life as a young child. The enclosed bag is another wonderful addition. I have already placed a lock of hair from his first haircut inside. I'm looking forward to using this book for years to come!


Gorgeous and high quality

I was beyond pleased when this baby book arrived. The pictures are very informative when ordering, but the quality of this product in person far surpasses what any image can capture. It arrived in a beautifully designed custom box, perfect for gift giving. The book is a work of art! Wonderfully bound with gorgeous marbled cover pages. The illustrations are sweet little additions to the thoughtful, writer friendly content. I'll be ordering more for gifts!


Amazon Customer
Beautiful, well constructed baby book!

This is a beautiful book and the perfect way to cherish all the wonderful memories and stories of a baby's first few years. I love the drawings, the questions you are prompted to answer, and the amazing construction and quality of the book. I wish I had this book when my kids were born. I bought the book as a baby gift. I'm always searching for a good, thoughtful baby gift... and I've finally found it!


Amazon Customer
Darling handmade in New England baby book- Hit of the baby shower :)

Not all baby books are created equally - this is a true gem. Adorable Gift for anyone expecting or attending a baby shower. The box that it’s packaged in is so sturdy and premium and added an element of surprise as you opened it. A great way to store it and protect it thru out the years. It’s more sturdy and lux than pictured- you feel the quality and love as you discover each page. I especially loved the darling little bag that fit’s in perfectly in box behind the handmade book- so sweet.

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THE ESSENTIALS: The book maintains it's roots with parent recording spaces such as:

  • My First Day Home
  • Family Tree
  • Growth Chart
  • My Firsts
  • The World Around Me
  • How We Spent Our Days
  • Our Home
  • Holiday Memories
  • About Me

INSIGHTFUL QUESTIONS FOR YOUR CHILD: The Baby Memory Book includes pages featuring your toddlers answers to questions like:

  • What makes you happy?
  • What is family?
  • If you could do anything today, what would you do?
  • What do you want to do when you grow up?
  • What do you like to learn about?


  • Pages for your child to add their own art to the story
  • Hand / foot print spaces
  • Easy to use journal pages
  • Keepsake box and  pouch (keeping their milestones safe and pristine)
  • Art gallery for early art work
  • Custom-made, marbled paper end-sheets

MATERIALS: 56 custom designed pages with full color illustrations

  • Endive colored
  • 8" x 8" silver stamped
  • Mohawk Superfine writing paper (made in Upstate NY)
  • Cloth bound book (Iris book cloth from Europe)


Peak inside! Here are some samples of the beautiful pages in this book...