Baby Memory Book with Custom Keepsake Box

Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of a toddler's curiosity - for parents to write and the entire family to cherish for generations.

The Echo Art Bindery Baby Memory Book is a refreshingly re-imagined classic with contemporary flair. This book is inspired by the simplicity and effortless nature of a toddler's curiosity. The custom-made, marbled paper end-sheets, are designed by Deborah V. Thompson (a mother of two, a bookbinding expert, and mompreneur). Deborah, could not find a high-quality baby memory book for her daughters to capture the precious and rewarding moments of being a parent. She decided to craft her own and share it with you. All books created and finished in the United States of America in New England.

A beautifully re-imagined classic. A true family heirloom.

  • A beautifully re-imagined and modern baby memory book. A refreshing twist and must have for parents. Craft your own true family heirloom.

  • Your baby only grows up once. Store your toddler's precious items in the custom keepsake box or pouch. Keeping their milestones safe and in pristine condition for a lifetime.

  • Made in New England by a bookbinding mompreneur who couldn't find a quality baby memory book for her daughters. She crafted a perfect, premium, minimal, and easy to use gift for parents.

  • For boys or girls, first four years. A gender-neutral theme, filled with timeless illustrations and soft colors. Inspired by the simplicity and effortless nature of a toddler's curiosity.

  • 56 custom designed pages with full-color illustrations, hand/foot print spaces, and easy journal pages. 8" x 8" Mohawk Superfine writing paper (made in Upstate NY), bound in European Iris book cloth.


selection of inside pages

Inside the Book:

The book maintains it's roots with parent recording spaces such as:

  • My First Day Home
  • Family Tree
  • Growth Chart
  • My Firsts
  • The World Around Me
  • How We Spent Our Days
  • Our Home
  • Holiday Memories
  • About Me

Preserve your baby's hand prints and foot prints forever.

The Baby Memory Book includes pages featuring your toddlers answers to questions like:

What makes you happy?

What is family?

If you could do anything today, what would you do?

What do you want to do when you grow up?

What do you like to learn about?

Also features pages for your child to add their own art to the story.


    • 56 custom designed pages with full color illustrations
    • Hand / foot print spaces
    • Easy to use journal pages
    • Endive colored
    • 8" x 8" silver stamped
    • Mohawk Superfine writing paper (made in Upstate NY)
    • Cloth bound book (Iris book cloth from Europe)