drew t.

My friends loved the baby book and journals! They just had the kiddo yesterday, nine days after her due date. All went well.  Thanks again for the lovely work!

Echo Art Bindery Review

Kristin k.

I would also like to purchase another baby book soon for another special person. so I'll be in touch.



This is one of the this is THE nicest baby book I've ever seen. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 9.04.29 AM.png

Lauren M.

Excited to have these beautiful books in store!



sarah g. 

The baby book is beautiful! My friend loved it, she just had her baby last week. 


sarah m.

The  book is awesome and so thoughtful! Rachel is very lucky to have such a delightful keepsake.  


heidi t.

Your baby book rocks! My friend loves it. 


"WOW WOW WOW!!!!!  What amazing customer relations.  I hope we love it too!!!  My first grand baby and I am over the moon.  My daughter has done tons and tons and tons………did I mention tons of research for the perfect baby book searching online for higher end baby books and found you." Cassie E.

"This is a stunning baby book. So unique - you will find nothing like it in a chain store. What a high-quality keepsake for cherishing baby's first and family. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to offer a unique and beloved gift for parents soon to be!" Amy M.

"I was beyond pleased when this baby book arrived. The pictures are very informative when ordering, but the quality of this product in person far surpasses what any image can capture. It arrived in a beautifully designed custom box, perfect for gift giving. The book is a work of art! Wonderfully bound with gorgeous marbled cover pages. The illustrations are sweet little additions to the thoughtful, writer friendly content. I'll be ordering more for gifts! Jenn B.

"This is a beautiful book and the perfect way to cherish all the wonderful memories and stories of a baby's first few years. I love the drawings, the questions you are prompted to answer, and the amazing construction and quality of the book. I wish I had this book when my kids were born. I bought the book as a baby gift. I'm always searching for a good, thoughtful baby gift and I've finally found it!" Holly R.

"This is a very different kind of baby book—much more beautifully designed and presented than anything I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to get a sense of it through photos alone, but once you have it in your hands you’ll see it’s extraordinary. Even the paper is lovely. It’s really a keepsake that’ll be in the family for generations. The perfect gift for a family you love." Gabe G. 

"Not all baby books are created equally - this is a true gem. Adorable Gift for anyone expecting or attending a baby shower. The box that it’s packaged in is so sturdy and premium and added an element of surprise as you opened it. A great way to store it and protect it thru out the years. It’s more sturdy and lux than pictured- you feel the quality and love as you discover each page." Linsley W.

"Since I couldn't find a baby book I liked, I've been writing about my son's memorable moments on my phone. Finally, I found this book and it's perfect! A beautifully illustrated, thoughtfully laid out, keepsake with space to record handprints, footprints, and artwork directly on the pages. I especially love the open ended questions sections! It will be such a fun way to remember how my son spoke and thought about life as a young child. The enclosed bag is another wonderful addition. I have already placed a lock of hair from his first haircut inside. I'm looking forward to using this book for years to come!" Krista M.